Comparison of the fake and real versions of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Blue Tint

“What? What have you said?  There is a new color for Yeezy Boost 350 V2?”
“Yes, that’s right!”

The snow Blue family of Adidas originals again re-make a sneaker that is very popular, bringing us a pure blood family member– Blue Tint!

We have to admire the marketing strategy of Adidas. A thing is valued if it is rare. He is taking you into buying the sneaker. Some new colors of the sneaker are released every now and then, but you just cannot get one! The releasing quantity is always in shortage, and that’s why the price of Yeezy is so high. It is the outcome of human speculation, heeeee!

The last new color of Yeezys 350 in 2017 doesn’t let people down. It is believed that many people are eager to get one! The sneaker comes! We spend a lot of money to buy this Yeezy 350 V2 Blue Tint. And you can see how the Putian version of this sneaker is! OK, next, let’s see the comparison between the fake and real versions!

The official price is 1899 RMB. But it won’t be easy for you to get this sneaker. The sneaker master spends more than 3000 RMB to get this sneaker.

Comparison of the shoe box
It is still the classic drawer styled shoe box of 350. Letters: 350 and Boost are very outstanding.

Comparison of Marks in the two sides of the shoe boxes
Full name: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Blue Tint
Item No.:B37571
You can scan the shoe boxes. Two of them both show that they are from Germany

Comparison of the paper of the shoe box
Smooth kraft paper

Opening the box, don’t you have a feeling that it finally comes!

Comparison of the fronts of the sneakers
Finally we see the true face. To be honest, the outline design of 350 is really good.
You will feel amazed at first glance!

Outer side of the left Yeezy sneaker
The whole sneaker is mainly covered by Blue and grey colors. The dark grey zebra lines are added in the shoe face.
The symbolized letters –“SPLY-350”and the sewing of the shoe end are decorated with orange color. It is pretty beautiful.

Inner side of the left Yeezy sneaker
Freeze your popular topic! This is the only key point of Blue Tint!
It is on fire by accident, aiyaya…

Comparison of the details of the shoe face
Please pay attention to the comparison of the middle lines. Look at the line trends carefully, and notice the key details!

Comparison of the inner details
Leathered paster inside guarantees the strength of the shoe face.

The comparison of the letters outside the sneaker
The red downside letters “SPLY-350”are coming out!

Comparison of Yeezy shoe ends
The key point designed by Kanye is the end specially for Kardashian. Looks round and full.
The middle Boost shoe sole is completely covered by rubber, increasing the stability.

Comparison of the end details
At the end, if you look carefully, you will find the color of the rubber which connects the outer shoe sole is different. It is yellow.

The canvas shoe end with red imaginary line decoration.

Comparison of Yeezy shoe ties
The integrated neckline, equipped with round tie, make it very easy to wear. The shoe tie of Yeezy is hard!

Comparison of the outer sole
The big sole of Boost also reflect the Blue Tint theme.
The front and end of rubber sole are hollowed out. And the dense rubber sole greatly improve the comfort.

Comparison of the shoe soles
Look close at the black-tech popcorn. The Putian versions have better sense of granular.

Comparison of the details of the outer sole
There are Adidas Originals LOGO at the rubber shoe heads. The end has extra rubber cube, printed with Boost letters.

Comparison of the marks inside the sneaker
One mark for one pair, no repeats.

Comparison of the details of the ends
The end reflects the three line Logo, and connect to the middle shoe sole.

The three lines are made of light-reflecting materials.

Comparison of Yeezy shoe pads
The grey shoe pads are printed with symbols of Yeezy and Adidas Originals at the back end.

Comparison of the details of the shoe pads
In the backs, different areas have different patterns.

Comparison of the thickness of the fronts of the shoe pad
The real one: 3.03mm thick
Putian sneaker: 3.21mm thick

Comparison of the line patterns of the middle and end of the shoe pad
The middle sole is also hollowed out, and you can see the Boost of the middle shoe sole.

Comparison of weights
Real: EUR44 left sneaker weighs 377g
Putian: EUR44 left sneaker weighs 378g
Same weight

Comparison of the transparency of the Boost
To compare the transparency is to check the black spots insides. There are only a few of the black spots insides of both sneakers.

Besides, sneaker master has prepared Blue Tint of different quality levels: the real one, Putian sneaker, G5(another version of Putian), real pup(another version).

You can easily see the differences in the outer shoe sole. The real pop one has the most obvious color difference. The whole shoe sole look yellow. The G5 version looks whiter.

The color different of the end of the real pop version is also vert obvious. The block in the middle looks strange. G5 version has same color of the middle and outer shoe sole, but it is still different from the real one.

Then we take the real pop and sneaker master for comparison. The inner decoration of the ends have different colors. It looks yellow and doesn’t have a strong sense.
The middle lines in the end are not in order either.

The leather inside the sneaker are also very different. You can see this in the pictures.
The manufacture of the real pop version is of low quality, giving a worse feeling in hand. After all, quality goes with the price. The most ones in the market are real pop version. So even you are buying the fake, you need to pay attention too.

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