The summary of the colors of Yeezy 350 V2, there must be one you love.

Of all the colors of Yeezy Boost 350 V2, except those we usually see such as Cream white, black, black-red (cooperated version with supreme with limited quantity), black with red letters, zebra, black-green, black copper, and grey-orange, there are many other colors sneakerheads don’t know or haven’t seen. Today, I will take you to count these colors: pure black, black and pierced version, white and pierced version, black powder version, lemon yellow, black-purple, earth green, black-yellow, and so on. you will find that there are more than 10 colors by incomplete counting. There are probably more colors!

Let enjoy the colorful style of Yeezy!

Lemon yellow Yeezy 350 V2 is the new color. It is the first choice for those who seek fashion with strong personalities. It is different, and super attractive!

The black-purple version is elegant. Those who love purple cannot miss this!

Black mint green, it is so fresh that many people probably love it!

New earth green, out of question, it will be the next most popular sneaker for its color.

Knight black, there is an aggressive name: Knight black!

Cream white: simple and clean, those who love this should go for a pair!

Grey-orange, it is the color of earlier time. It has been popular for long and sells out all the time.

Black powder, Black powder, Black powder, the important thing need to be mentioned for three times. It is the favorite color of many girls, no second option!

White zebra, it is inspired by the color of zebra, and it is really fashion!

Black-yellow. Compared with other colors, this color is for the minority!
Black-green. The green of this is not that obvious. It fades away in front of the mint green.

Then the main character comes! Pure black and pierced version. It is the latest version! It is not for sale in China mainland. It is hard to get a pair!

The limited quantity version of the co-work of adidas and supreme. It has a shy high price.

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