Why the grey zebra Yeezy is cancelled to sell?

When the selling of white zebra is still hot, it is said that the sale of another zebra colored sneaker–Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Grey Zebra” is cancelled!

This version is marked as the SUPER LIMITED, which is paid high attention to. The reason for cancelling is said that there are too many fake ones for this version. So adidas Originals cancel its sale to protect the brand image and avoid the situation like NMD, full of Fake ones.
The original picture of grey zebra from factory
We are More curious about the person who wears this.

For now in the list for sale, it is the Cream white, which is to be sold in April, and Dark Green to be sold in June. One version is the Triple White decorated one that comes into Yeezy Boost family for the first time, and the other is the Dark Green series, which returns to the color of earth, showing the earth styles of Yeezy Boost family. From the view of editor, Kanye is always leaving people with the impression that he can play with them easily. At the same time, the whole team are carrying out actions to fight with the fake ones. There is an old going in China that “While the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs ten.” These actions must be of some use, but their effects remain to be seen. From another view, the continuous fakes prove the influence of Yeezy Boost in the world. Even some fake ones can make the processing 90% same as the real ones! The greater, the more fellows; the more affirmed, the more classic.
For now the white zebra is so popular while the sale of grey zebra is cancelled. There are always so many topics for Yeezy, just like its owner Kanye West. However, no matter what happens, Yeezy series are always making quite a lot people excited and the fans will follow it forever.

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