How to show off you get a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 CP9366 ‘Cream White’?

For most sneaker lovers, whether they have a happy break or not is highly related to the pure white Yeezy officially for sale last weekend.
The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream White CP9366 officially for sale this time gets larger quantity than other colored sneakers. It is believed that they can for sure get a pair of this Yeezy. Of course, it is the same as O, who makes full use of every single chance. However, destiny is destiny, and O still doesn’t get this Yeezy !

(↓ The picture below goes for those who get this Yeezy ↓ )
Yes, this is definitely envy or even hate!
There is no doubt that this white sneaker definitely overturns O’s aesthetics towards Yeezy. When seeing the exposed pictures, I keep telling myself that this is a Yeezy only making for money.
It is only two days since the sale of this white Yeezy. There are many people showing this sneaker on all kinds of social media, and the sneakers on foot are really beautiful.

What? O is strictly direct man? Then the version for men will be shown…
After collecting all the photos showing the sneaker, O finds that there are some people making Yeezy as phones at the same time without discussion. I can’t help asking that can it be dialed?
I’m not only showing the shoes, but also even the shoe box!
Yeezy is also so beautiful even on hand!
Some people also choose the mode of calling their friends in the photo! You know how proud you are!
Do you get any inspiration after seeing so many photos?

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