We, normal people, are all audience, and the release of zebra white Yeezy is like the carnival of Halloween

There are too many monsters that editor cannot even open the official website of adidas that day.

There are internet popular shoe dealers like Allen Kuo, and @benjaminkickz overseas. Some masters in China also took their actions. Their expertise in this industry and relation networks that generates year by year are unimaginable for customers like us.

You only bought one pair of shoes for this? Then It is a shake to say hello to them!
Sneakers, and people, stories related to the sneakers are all key factors in this industry. Although there are no exact rights or wrongs, the winding and rich plots of the stories are important funs for us, expect the sneakers.

Of course, we should understand that there is also cost risk for the internet popular dealers. A sneaker bought at the price of 10 thousand sometimes cannot be sold at 12 thousand.

Somehow we also heard that someone bought it at 1899RMB. So editor wrote this article on his knees.

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